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Stephen Price shared this question 13 months ago

Locus Pro App is great but drains the battery in exactly 3 hours!

I've used it for backpacking and tracking in Malta, Gozo and Jersey. when it has been essential I knew exactly where I was.

The screen is on for a minimum time but every three hours it exhausts the battery. a new battery has to be put in or recharged.

In the UK I use Alpine Quest App and UK OS MAPS and I can use this all day and still return home with power remaining.

I have the minimum of options on but guess it is the amount od colour on maps.

Are there any setting I can change as it is not practical when out all day with the worry of constantly recharging with a poer pack or repacing battery?

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Hi Stephen,

3 hours? We test the app every day and with a normal healthy 3000 mAh it can record tracks and navigate for at least 8-9 hours. Check your GPS and display settings in Locus. Some features can drain battery quicker, like e.g. Live tracking that requires mobile internet. Locus can work reliably also in the "Plane" mode without any networks.



Thanks Michal for your prompt reply. I'm sure you are right and I have something switched on your App that is not necessary and draining the batttery [2100mAH] unlike my other GPS App [which only works with UK OS maps]. Every day I'd leave at 8am and by 11 it was flat and after a new battery flat again 3 hours later etc with only occasional viewing to check and get back on track!

It was amazing and could not have managed without it on Gozo & Malta due to the continual presence of bird hunters with armed rifles threatening me!

I use 'tracking' to show and record my route as it is essential on both apps for where I go, but not the internet as it is not required.

The question is....are there other settings I have on as I am walking the coast in Portugal next month?


Hi Stephen

There are apps around that could help you figure out which is consuming power - for example GSam Battery Monitor Pro. FWIW my 3000mAh Sony Xperia with all other apps turned off/ disabled (where I can), airplane mode, display @ minimum brightness, track recording on every 50m, uses about 2.5% of battery per hour. My display is the biggest killer.