List of "Live map" geocaches

twil69 shared this idea 1 year ago
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Meanwhile I switched for geocaching from c:geo entirely to Locus. A complete replacement and even more powerful.

There is one thing I am missing, though:

In c:geo you can have an alternative list view of caches that are currently visible in the live map (but not stored offline yet).

You can use that list to make selections and store the selected list items for offline. This is not only a great and very effective way of cherrypicking individual caches from the live map. You also get a quick overview about the D/T rating, the container size etc., In Locus you currently can obtain this information only by inspecting the point popup or the cache details.

It seems locus can only operate on these temporary items one by one and provides list functionality only for things in the database.

So if there is a way to achieve the described functionality I'd be glad to learn. Otherwise: Here is my new idea :)

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Good day twil69,

currently it's possible to display simple list of visible points on a map in side menu, but no special actions with these points is possible now. I'm settings category to "Locus Map", because once caches are visible in Locus Map, G4L has no more work here. Thanks for idea.


Thanks, Menion.

Right, the temporary points are there, I was not aware of this before. Thanks for the hint.

However, the only thing you can do with this sidebar list right now is to show/hide the items and go into the details.

Also the scope seems to be much wider than what is currently visible on the map.

So to summarize what is desired:

A list of geocaches that are currently visible in the map view (stored and temporary).

The layout and functionality of the list shall be similar to that of a list of (geocache) waypoints in the database.

Coming to think of it: would be good to have an indicator if something is/is not in the database yet.