GPS "disable when hidden" in quick settings panel... or "GPS acqusition mode"

Giacomo Ciani shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be nice to have a button in the settings panel for the "GPS disable when hidden" feature.

I normally keep this function on, and do not use the GPS auto off feature (for a number of reasons).

However, when I first get to a new place, the GPS needs some time to acquire signal (sometimes several minutes), so I need to either:

a) keep the screen on until GPS fix, draining the battery more than necessary

b) start recording a track (even if I don't want to), just for the purpose of forcing the GPS to stay on even when the screen is off (I can later discard the track)

c) go into setting and set "GPS disable when hidden" to off. Then turn it on again when the fix is acquired.

(a) is definitely undesirable, (b) is a workaround and (c) is the proper way of doing it, except that it is a bit tedious. A button in the quick setting panel to accomplish (c) in a click would be very useful.

Note that it is the first fix (after a big interval in time or space from the point of last fix) that usually takes a lot of time. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you will have an "acquisition mode" function that forces the GPS on and then, once the fix has been acquired, reverts to whatever previous GPS settings were set.

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Dont know if I understand correctly, but I use Gps Keeper app alot. It will hold gps activ even when i switch app focus or screen off.

I use this when I'm close to a POI... in my case... a geocache.

But a quick setting would be neat..




thanks for the tip. That's certainly another way of doing it.

Being able to do it quickly in Locus would just be more handy... :-)