GPS is active in Android System, sometimes Locus deactivates its acquiring of location.

Norbert Josten shared this problem 1 year ago
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Although GPS is active in Android System, sometimes Locus Map Pro deactivates its acquiring of location.

So I have to activate it manually.

I looked in the GPS settings of Locus – horrible !

Parallel I use Navigator from Mapforce and HereWeGo for Car-Navigation.

In both apps are no GPS-settings. And

they work properly with the GPS in Android System.

I activate the GPS in Android System only when I need it and then I start the app for navigation.

Best regards, Norbert

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Good day Norbert,

what exactly means that "Locus Map Pro deactivates its acquiring of location"? When you start Locus Map, it does not start GPS of your system? You may check it in "satellite screen".

If you wants to always use GPS and you control it only over system settings, then I suggest to set settings > GPS & Location > Run at startup > Always, this should help.

And why settings? Locus Map should work also without need to do something in GPS settings. Because I do not know exactly what is the problem here, I can give you proper answer. Anyway none of these settings needs to be changed if you do not want. On second side they offer you many methods how to improve battery life, be sure during hiking/cycling that GPS runs properly etc.

Anyway if you have exact steps I may follow to achieve same problem, that you have, please write me.



Hi Menion,

my problem is, that Locus sometimes deactivates its GPS. I don't know when and why.  Android-system-GPS is active the hole time.

Could it be, that Locus deactivates its GPS, if position is lost.

Enclosure are my GPS-settings in Locus.

No connection from GPS-settings in Locus  to  the Android-system-GPS on/off.

Instead "Run at startup", "Disable when hidden", "Track recording", "Guidance", 5 settings "Internal GPS Auto-Off"

Best regards


2017-02-17 13:10 GMT+01:00 Locus Map :


Good day Norbert,

thanks for a screenshot, Your settings in Locus Map is perfect, there should be no problem with it.

Only what I'm thinking about is some complete termination of Locus Map by system. Isn't system closing Locus Map when app is hidden in background? I'm sure that when screen is on and Locus is visible, no such problem happen.

We have an small manual page here: , that describe some optimizations settings in Android based on manufacturer. Check please this page and give Locus Map exceptions in your system if possible. Hope this helps.