In app LoCoins purchase problem

Boris Podgorsek shared this question 11 months ago

Hello, I tried to purchase LoCoins in Map Pro and Free, but I always get response "In app billing is not ready yet".

Any Idea why this is happening? I am loged into google account. My Locus Map Pro version is 3.25.5

Thank you for your answer.

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Ah, never mind... I had Google store disabled, dont ask me why (actualy it eats throo my phones battery so I usually keep it disabled). I was able to do the purchase when I enabled it back.

Anyway since I am posting, I have to say that it is great app, It keeps me safe and I don't feel lost :)

As long as there is some battery life left :)


Hello Boris.

Thank you for your question and for your following feedback.

Sometimes it happend, that is a known temporary problem on Google Play side. But Google store disables is a new for us in this mater.

However, I am glad that problem is solved now.

In case of other questions, please contact me.

Kind regards