KMZ export from Locus does not show attached photos when opened in GoogleEarth on PC

Jan Franěk shared this problem 2 weeks ago
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When I export KMZ of my points with attached photos from Locus, then Google Earth on PC does not recognize the photos and does not show attached photos when clicking on the points in GoogleEarth. Nevertheless, all the photos are obviously stored in the KMZ - when unpacked I can see them all in original resolution in a subdirectory "files" - see e.g. the attached 311 kB KMZ export from Locus.

I am using Locus Map Pro 3.30.2 on Android 4.4.4

I suspect the problem may be in the XML definition of the points, where the attached photo is in the KML export from Locus represented by:

<ExtendedData xmlns:lc="">;



... while when I add a photo to the point directly in GoogleEarth, then the syntax in the resulting KML looks entirely differently:

<description><![CDATA[<img style="max-width:500px;" src="files/Hydrangeas.jpg">bluetooth garmin glo - bez avg]]></description>

Of course I have checked "including icons and attachments" during KMZ export from Locus and I have also updated GoogEarth.

Please, what am I doing wrong, or where is the problem?

Could you tell