Live Tracking not working

Johannes Müller shared this problem 1 week ago
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Since some time already, I cannot get Live Tracking to work properly, even when the internet connection is constantly available.

With GPSies' Live Tracking, the first location is successfully transmitted, then the transmission keeps on failing.

When I try to setup Locus' own Live Tracking, Locus ends up in unsuccessful attempts to use my Google account for authentication or toast messages reporting server timeouts.

Is this working better for you?

I would like more transparency about the technical issues that cause the failed location tracking.

I am using Locus Map 3.32.2 on a OnePlus 6 with Android 8.1.0 and with a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 with Android 8.0.

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Hello Johannes,

I am sorry that you have so much trouble with Live Tracking function, can you confirm that you have all these problems on both of your phones? Currently I don't have any other reports of problems with Live Tracking in the new version.

I have just tried GPSies service and Locus Live Tracking on Android 6 and Android 8.1 and everything seems to be working fine so I am unable to simulate your problem. I would suggest reseting the phone, since my Xiaomi phone occasionally has similar behavior when internet seems to be online but no application can actually communicate resulting in all kinds of connection failures. But if you have this problem on both of your phones then this is a very improbable cause.

1) Can you try GPSies one more time? Also have seen this behaviour once, but at the time even the official GPSies Android client wasn't working, probably some kind of GPSies server error which went away the next day.

2) Can you confirm that you Locus Store login is working correctly? E.g. check out your purchase history if it will load fine or also result in all kinds of server error. In that case it would not be just the live tracking issue. Or maybe try logging out and in again.

3) After you try starting Locus Live Tracking and getting a bunch of errors, could you please make a bug report for me so I could try to find something useful in the log? Manual of how to create a debug log can be found here.

Thank you