More convenient automatic track recording since program start

Roger Duncan shared this idea 2 years ago
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When hiking or cycling, I usually want to see a track that shows all the way since program start.

Currently I have activated "automatic track recording at program start" to do that, but it is inconvenient as it shows the track recording window at program start and I have to delete the recorded track explicitely when I don't want to save it.

From my previous walking app (ApeMap) I know the following behavior which is much more convenient in my opinion:

- If automatic track recording is active, at program start always a track is recorded in the background without any user interaction, and this track is always shown on the map.

- When you click the "Tracks" icon any time, you have the following options:

a) Finish the track you have recorded so far and save it under a new name. After that the background recording starts again.

b) Save the track you have recorded so far under a new name and continue it while you walk on. Track recording will continue until you stop it manually or you close the application. In both cases the complete track is saved.

c) Discard the track recorded so far and start a new track recording.

If you don't do anything about tracks at all, track recording continues and the recorded data are discarded without any further query when you close the application.

This has the following advantages:

1. You can make a decision if you want to save the track any time. It is not necessary to do that at the beginning.

2. You don't need any user interaction if you just want to see where you have gone since program start.

3. You can still disable automatic track recording completely, e.g. if you want to save battery power.

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Roger - this seems to be similar to my suggestion 4 months ago? I have been cycle touring for the last 7 weeks and a few times I forget to start track recording in the morning because the recording is not fully automatic. Still, to Menion's defense, the recent enhancement with the auto file naming when stopping is a reasonable compromise.


Andrew, you are right, actually very similar. Though my intention was not fully automatic recording and saving I find your proposal even better. The only difference is that you save the data also if not necessary, but this makes a difference of just a few kilobytes in the memory.

Thus I have voted for your proposal.


Roger, I find even a full days cycle touring when exported as GPX (XML) is only a few 100KBs, so I'd imagine storage requirements for the recorded track in the SQlite database would be far less. The memory really wouldn't be a factor.


Andrew, I am not at all concerned about the memory that is needed to store the track data.