Standlone Wear OS Support

Zotmund Szele shared this question 2 months ago

I'd love to see standalone functionality on my Android Wear OS watch.

Ideally at least to: (or on an and/or basis)

-record track

-using the heart rate sensor

-auto pause

I don't even mind having no maps, recording a .gpx (or other format track) would be great,

I know the above sound a little too much at once.

Right now the only app doing this is Runtastic. Even Strava or Endomondo does not do it, either feature is missing.

I know the nature of Locus is not really being a fitness app however the above are not undoable I guess.

Is any of this in the works, any progress there?

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I recently haven't worked on the Wear for Locus Map add-on mainly in favor of Live Tracking service development but we are actually discussing this stand-alone function (without a standalone map) in our team and it looks like we might actually give it a try.

I don't know when we could start though, we will probably work on HRM function and extending functionality of track recording statistics/dashboard first.

Anyway thanks for the tips what you would like to see in stand-alone "mode", this is probably something we will go for.

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Hi Milan,

I do appreciate your answer. I am also surprised as I normally get a dummy template answer saying "we will consider" . This is beyond that to me :)

I do not regret a single penny spent on Locus Pro :)

Keep going folks!