Track points of current track - why are they not visible?

Dmitry Lesev shared this question 1 year ago


I can see track point's information (time for example) from saved tracks- very useful function. But can't do it for the current track.

Is the any reason for this restriction? If i want to look at time of any track point, i have to stop recording before.

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There is a way of viewing trackpoints for the current track without having to stop recording.

While you are recording a track, use the "Save actual part" command.


Display the saved track and you will be able to inspect its trackpoints and continue recording (without interruption).


Thank you Taras

I've tried this variant, it works. But for it i have to add some additional actions -

-Save actual part

-Go to Menu -> Tracks

-Select last saved part for displaying. Only after these steps i can see trackpoints

-Finally, delete from list of tracks this part of track, because i need only whole track in my list

Of course i can do it, but i not quite understand, what is the difference between saved and current track for showing trackpoints functionality.


I just wanted to show that it is possible to save the current track (for inspection) during the recording process. However, I agree with you that it is less convenient compared to directly inspecting the current track's points.

Before Locus Map, I used a competitor's product for several months. It permits you to examine the current track's points during the recording process. Just tap on the current track and a popup menu allows you to select the track or the trackpoint for further inspection.


Perhaps this should be submitted as a new Idea for a future version of Locus Map.


Hi Dmitry,

until now, nobody has wanted what you need - we are sorry but we don't consider its usefulness worth the work it would require. Thanks for understanding.