Upcoming elevation gain

Talbi shared this idea 1 year ago
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Hey guys!

In my opinion the upcoming elevation gain is one of the most useful information for both hikers and mountainbikers. I can see the information if i tap a track somewhere in the pop-up menu.

But i t would be very helpful, to see this information running continuously on the display.



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Yes i support your idea too. Maybe some expansion of the idea:

I was wondering if it's possible to display the following info during guidance along a track: What's the distance and vertical differences (exactly: the sum of elevation meters uphill, and the sum of elevation meters downhill) to the track's destination. Maybe additionally display the chart of the remaining track.

It's possible to get these infos for tracks without guidance turned on, you just have to click on the trackline


But i couldn't figure out how to display these infos for a track which I'm actually following by guidance: