Usability of Vector Maps

jtkorken shared this idea 6 years ago

Frankly spoken, the current vector maps handling and options in Locus are still not leveraging the full potential of this prinziple. Looking at GARMIN-Devices (which actually do not like that much) reveals, at least with this regards, a much more user friendly and understandable functunality:

- the most obvious Vector feature is, when turning away from North direction, everything this redrawn to be diplayed still readable. Is not on the user to turn his head !!!

- Detail levels and

- Text heigth can be influenced easily, no need to go into cryptic XML`s

Would this be possible with LOCUS?

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1) rotation of texts is not possible from simple reason. Even that vector maps in Locus are drawn from vector data, they`re firstly paint on a small image and this image is then paint on screen. And current version of library I use for vector maps draw, do not allow some pre-rotation of texts

2) detail level depend on skin you use for rendering and also on real data that are included in vector maps

3) this can be already define in menu > settings > maps - advaced, vector maps part


1) OK, understood, although it would be nice, right ;-)

2) I know, but wouldn`t it be very user friendly if one could decide with a sense making GUI what to see and how (and, yes i know it depends also on the map)

3) Agree, but this somehow is to see in conjunction with 2), as LOCUS has "only" a general setting, there is no option to differ between diffent kinds of test, like Cities, Road Name or even POI.



To your comments:

2) Unfortunately this function is not so important for us and as we suppose only very small percentage of our user will use it.

3) We have also the same opinion about more detailed definition of text size for vector maps. From our point of view is better way to offer improved styles for rendering (planned in next months).

Thanks for understanding