Weather forecast: also show rain and cloud probability

Georg D shared this idea 11 months ago
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According to the weather forecast of is used. There, also rain and cloud probability are provided. Both are very interesting for outdoor activities: Rain makes paths slippery, you shall take your umbrella/GoreTex... but the perception amount is not telling much without probability (5mm at 15% is quite different to 2mm at 95%). High cloud probability in alpine terrain has implications on temperature, is a first indicator for thunderstorm / lightning probability,...

Could they please be shown in Locus' weather forecast? And if it's no big deal, please also visibility - if we can see only 2km far it's not that interesting to climb a mountain with wide panoramic view, so we would "reserve" that mountain for a "clearer" day and instead choose a tour with other features like interesting flowers or caves.

BTW: Yes, I could use a separate weather app to get this information, but daily copy & paste the coordinates of all potential tours from Locus to the app is not really my favorite way to spend my evenings during vacation ;-)