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Enable ratings for GC Vote in Locus

Collecting votes freischneider Locus Map Comments: 6 Reply 14 hours ago by freischneider
5 votes

Templates for quick "log your visit"

Collecting votes balloni55 Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 15 hours ago by John M.
3 votes

Export/backup to Onedrive

Collecting votes Christopher F. Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 21 hours ago by Menion
14 votes

Auto center map: only when moving!

Collecting votes Tapio Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 1 day ago by Tapio
5 votes

Remaining elevation gain to a route target

Collecting votes Bucky K. Locus Map Comments: 15 Reply 1 day ago by Falco
7 votes

Custom chart color

Completed Falco Locus Map Comments: 20 Reply 2 days ago by Menion
2 votes

Cloud map and data storage/sync

Collecting votes Menion Locus Map Comments: 115 Reply 2 days ago by Chris S.
208 votes

GeoPDF maps

Collecting votes patrick Locus Map Comments: 9 Reply 2 days ago by brad h.
9 votes
26 votes
9 votes

Locus Store: Easily download purchased items

Collecting votes Ingo R. Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 5 days ago by Ingo R.
1 vote

POI near my route

Collecting votes David G. Locus Map Comments: 7 Reply 1 week ago by Roland M.
13 votes

[EN/SK] Magic One Click - All chache and TB send logs.

In Progress Condor Locus Map Comments: 25 Reply 1 week ago by Condor
9 votes
24 votes

Change the projected waypoint units

Collecting votes Tony F. 1 week ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

Suppot import of Garmin .fit files

Collecting votes Charles H. Locus Map Comments: 16 Reply 1 week ago by Tirfo
25 votes

Switch maps with one tap

Collecting votes Alexey Locus Map Comments: 39 Reply 1 week ago by Alexey
25 votes
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