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Markus shared this question 3 months ago
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Hello to the Team

Is it possible to pay a membership to a not google account E-Mail address ?

I want to use LocusMap on a new Garmin Tread SxS.

There is Android installed, And i am able to install Locus by copying the .apk to the Garmin-Storage.

Problem now: How to get the Gold-Membership status ?

If i give my Google-Account E-Mail Address, i get a Message "This account is registered to Google... "

greets Markus

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OK, My Problem was that it is not possible to buy a Membership directly on the Garmin device. Because there is no Google Play Services.

So i needed to log out on the Garmin Device. Log out of my "private E-Mail Address" Locus Account.

Afterwards i did Log in on my Smartphone with my "private E-Mail Address" Account. And there i was able to buy Locus-Map Gold membership for this Account.

Then i did log out of this Account on my Smartphone, and re-Login to this Account on my Garmin.

And now i have the Gold Account active on my Garmin-Device with my new Locus Account.

Now i test to download and buy Maps, hope it is possible :)



you can use your premium on all your devices. So if you have paid for it once, then only the log in via Google was the problem. In this case, we can reset your account to the "email/password" login and you can use it anywhere.

If you bought another Gold, let me know, and we can refund one of them to you.


Zdenek, Locus team

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