(Batch) import into [filename] category from gpx/kml/zip/folder

zsolt.ero shared this idea 6 years ago
Collecting votes

Here is my idea.

Problem A: you want to go to a trip and you prepare a couple of KML or GPX files, what contains all the points, tracks, everything. It might be a lot of points and lot of tracks.

1. How do you import these to Locus?

2. How do you organize these once imported?

3. Once you want to delete all your imported tracks/points, how do you delete them quickly?

Problem B: I find the current system of different categories between points and tracks to be confusing. I`d recommend the exact same category system. This way we could just import into "filename" category both the point and the tracks!

Right now, it`s impossible to do these things in Locus, other than hand importing all single files one by one, and putting it in a non-used category for the tracks, like skiing.

My idea

1. Make the very same, simple category system for tracks as it is for points now

2. Make it possible to auto-create a category on import, based on the filename/folder name we are importing from.

3. This could also be the perfect GUI to for implementing batch import from a folder or a zip file.

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I believe that some of these ideas are really pointing into right direction. I would also add that subcategories for points could be useful in solving above problems.


In latest version of Locus 2.20.0 is already

1. Folders (renamed categories) for tracks

2. Groups for points/tracks (may contain folders)

3. ability to import more files at once

So this all should solve above problems.


I still have a problem on importing points from multiple gpx files.

Currently, Locus gathers and imports all points in multi-selected gpx files into a single folder. But, I want to import the points in a gpx file into separated folder under a single group.

In my case, each gpx file contains 500-3500 points and I don't want to merge them into over 26000 points in one folder. Managing such a large number of points by filtering is very slow and uncomfortable.

What I had to do was:

1) tap import and select one gpx file

2) re-input folder name as same as gpx file name

3) change folder's icon

4) check 'Apply to all' and tap 'Ignore' for point with same name

5) tap edit on created folder and select group

6) repeat from 1) to 5) for all gpx files

It was annoying work even for 15 gpx files on one device. I have other devices and the gpx files are updated time to time...

So, if it is possible for importing points with multi-selected gpx files to pre-define 'folder icon', 'apply to all', 'ignore', and 'group selection' then locus automatically create folder name from gpx file name, it helps really a lot.


@ta-ka: understand. You request is similar to what zsolt wants.

I agree this may be useful, so I changed status back to "Under Consideration". To make this work, it's not a task on one evening, so I'll leave it for a while to collect votes ;)


Hi, Menion. Thanks for positive reply.

I hope other people are also interested in this feature.


+1 for this feature.

I'm busy to import +/- 10 KML for my trip to London .

Each KML is a specific info (Hotel, activities, restaurant,...).

So, separate folder is necessary to activate separately



Small secret hint - suggest to try :)


- hotels.kml

- hotels.png

- bus_stop.kml

- bus_stop.png

All files pack into one ZIP file and import into Locus (into one folder as separating is not possible for now). It should work ;)


I just tried the "Small secret hint" with a bunch of properly named gpx & png files and it worked perfectly. Since you can filter on the icons, you don't really need separate folders IMHO. Thank you!