Allow map updating before starting the screen timeout

virtualdj shared this problem 13 months ago
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I used Locus Map for Wear a lot in the past week and it's great to check the position on the map without using the smartphone.

I noticed however that with ambient screeen OFF when I turn the watch towards me to see the map view sometimes it takes a bit more time to update the map and then the watch switches off the screen to conserve battery too soon. I have almost a second to "read the map" and it's too little!

Would it be possible to start counting the screen timeout time after the map has been updated?

If there is a communication error and the map doesn't update in 3-5 seconds than the screen can be switched off immediately, but this is not the normal case.

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You are right, thanks for noticing this issue. Even without communication error this may be happening with slower phones or a lot of overlays/track/POIs on the map. I will try to figure out how to solve this, because this is definitely a usability problem.