Augmented reality use ad about POI'S

Maurizio Frigieri shared this question 15 months ago

Good evening guys,

I know, this is a lamer question, but I make my old head overclocked without any success.

My intention is to display Poi's mountains name nearby my track route and display them with augmented reality add on. May you guide me step by step? I want to import at the moment only Italian land mountains, but I have no idea how to. Other question... augmented reality needs magnetic compass to work properly or use POI'S database only ( GPS is obvious )

thanks a lot, I'm so lost because I don't know nothing about POI'S use into locus.

have a very nice time and as ever, Locus Rulez!

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Hello Maurizio,

that is actually a good question but unfortunately without a straightforward answer at the moment. First please read some basic info about Points and POIs in Locus Map.

Basically AR add-on should display any User points or POIs(i.e. LoPoints) that you can see on the map. However the add-on is a bit overwhelmed If you are using LoMaps and does not handle all the POIs being feeded to it so it will often show nothing or just random parts of the points. As a workaround you could go to POI menu, then in the top toolbar select "..." and disable "Display on map option". Then on the same screen go to Nature -> Peak and in the top toolbar click on the Map icon (right next to the "...") to display only Peak POIs on the map. That way the addon should hopefully display only the Peak POIs correctly.

That being said, currently the best way to do what you describe is to get a database of peaks/hills/mountains from your surroundings somewhere on the Internet and import it to Locus Map as normal User Points. That should give the best results at the moment.

We are planning to improve POI database in LoMaps and then improve or even remake AR add-on but we are unfortunately just not there yet.

Best Regards



Hello Milan.

Thank you so much for your answer.

I'm a little confused with right menu's to open.

You mean POI'S (beta) right? because into main menu > points , I don't see nothing.

So no categories are displayed. Into Points menu ( principal > Points ) i saw only some points I collected with my tracks/routes and on "..." there are no display on map. Hope you can understand me , sorry for my rusted english... I use LOmap Italy north, is it possible that I missing data on. Later i look in Locus store.

Other way is create my own points and give them a category, just before a trek from map, this is an option.

Sorry again if I'm not able to explain better my question... And thanks a lot.


Ooops! missing line...

Even on POI'S ( beta ) i don't see points listed, so probably I miss something.

have a nice weekend!


Ok, I've made all controls I know for this and I notice what i saw up.

I Don't see any point listed, except my personals I create on the fly in the nearby of my house for testing.

I live on a country hill at 500 mt of altitude, so I have a lots of good points to test :)

So I test App but I don't see anything.

I renew my question, Augmented reality needs magnetic sensor ( compass ) for work? I have only GPS on my phone.

About POI'S for me it's not a problem to create points for my tracks before, in fact my only needs are to display peaks

and identify them. There are many other apps for that but all requested magnetic compass sensor to work.

Thanks Again.

PS please if I'm missing some settings and a good soul can guide me, all helps are very appreciated, obvious someone use A.R often... :)

EDIT: Sorry 4 that. I Notice only now that POI'S are not included with LOmaps Map file, is that right?

So if i need some , I have to import them form other sources,,, Sorry again...


Hello Maurizio,

regarding the POIs, please check out this link. POIs should be included with LoMaps automatically and should be visible on the LoMap by default.

The magnetic sensor/compass is unfortunately required for these kind of AR apps to work. Without this sensor it is not possible to completely compute the phone's orientation in space (Suppose you would tell me your GPS location and the information that you are standing still maybe slightly tilted e.g. 10 degrees to the left and 5 degrees to the back and then based on this information wanted me to tell you in what direction you are looking right now - not possible, but that is exactly all the data your phone has without the use of magnetic sensor.)

So even if you make your own user points DB the add-on will not be working without the sensor unfortunately.

Best Regards



Thank you again Milan!

I have some suspects about my lack of magnetic sensor for compass, that's all...

About POI'S I don't see anything in my menu ( others ) POI ( beta ) I saw no POI'S even if i check box

"see on map" translation is not correct i have italian language installed... sorry 4 that.

Maybe depends because i move default directory on my external SD ?

I have to move app again on internal memory ( quite full ) and let my maps and tracks linked on SD ?

But now it's not important, if A.R doesn't work in my mobile... sorry if I annoy you and entire staff...

Maybe if i change my phone i may reinstall all.... have a very nice day!

( better if I check as Solved my thread? )

thanks again. And always for ever, Locus.... Great APP!


Please tell me what phone brand&model you have and I can check the specs for you if there is magnetic sensor or not.

Missing LoPoints (i.e. POIs) are weird, I will ask my colleague tommorow what the problem could be and how we could help you.

Have a nice day,



Dear Maurizio,

regarding missing POIs - I'm not sure what steps you did when you changed default directory to ext SD card and back to internal. However the LoMaps maps consist from two files (map and database). Please use arbitrary file manager and navigate to the folder with LoMaps map (by defult /Locus/mapsVector). Check if there are two files: and italy_north.osm.db

Please send me also screenshot from Menu - Maps - Offline - tap on options (three dots) of any LoMaps and open Information & Language - create screenshot of this screen (vital is section "Point of interest")

Thanks, Petr


Thanks a lot Petr. Problem solved...

When i rooted my phone I also set SD card as default memory to prevent lack of space.

But surely at locus startup I give wrong directory at system request.

In fact I have to link map source manually now this have sense after all.

Today after I read your post, I decided to completely reinstal app, and now I have right default path everywere. Points appears again... my fault, It's obvious.

May i give you all a virtual beer for thanking? Now I have just to import again my routes and It's all right.

Petr when you have news about Kompass maps, please give me a notice...

@Milan, no need to check my phone specs, I'm sure that compass, magnetic sensor gyroscope ans so on are missing... my fault again, my vendor swore to me they 're present, and I trust him, I change vendor, but trouble is done, Maybe there is a bluetooth compass able to transmit and connect with GPS app or maybe I may change my phone :)

Consider that topic as solved and many thanks again.

Locus is MY app for trekking and i really love it!

Have nice routes! Maurizio


I'm not sure if it was your fault. Well I'm glad to hear that's all right and thank you

Regarding KOMPASS I contacted the guy from KOMPASS but I got only auto reply about his holiday till October 9th. I hope we get some answer in next day.

Thanks for patience, Petr