Best support ever!

Ingo Rau shared this thanks 8 months ago

I'd finally like to take the opportunity for a big thanks to Menion & Team!

There's a lot of good and great apps out there, but it's already rare to find some where there's any support that's worth speaking of. Very often bug reports and feature requests seem to end up in /dev/null. Even if they answer, you can at best hope for bugs to be fixed, but even small feature requests mostly are ignored. I'm a professional software developer myself, so I know that things that seem small and easy to implement, may prove to be difficult. However, that's still the exception and very often actually small things that would make life a lot easier are not even looked at.

Now so with Menion: He takes a look at (almost ;) everything, and if it makes sense to him and doesn't take a lot of time, he implements it even if there's only 1 vote.

Case in point:

A few lines of code (probably) that make one person immediately happy, but - he very likely thought - will be appreciated by others once they see it.

Keep up the good work!