Can`t see my points or tracks anymore / Import data from old format in to new format

malexlees shared this problem 6 years ago

I used to have a set of tracks and waypoints, but at some point Locus Pro was upgraded and I can`t see or import those tracks or points.

Browsing the app folder on the SD card, in the Data folder I can see files with the names of the tracks/waypoints I used to have, with the SQLL extension. And I can see a number of folders with auto backups.

In the Database folder, I see files with extension DB, which seem to be the new format.

Pardon my ignorance, but I searched the support, read the handbook and I can`t find a way to see my tracks and waypoints that I used to have.

My current version of Locus Pro is 2.7.3

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Michael,

firstly sorry for troubles. You write you see sqll files in Locus/data and also db files in Locus/data/database? Did you converted data after some update to new format? (Locus offered this task)

If not, please try two simple steps

1. if you started Locus from icon on desktop, remove this icon and add it again. Then start Locus

2. if this not help, try to restart your device

if non helps and you have only one Locus directory (rarely happen that Locus create secondary directory in internal memory or root of SD card), I can convert you data to new format manually.


A-ha.... So, launching Locus from the app drawer brought up some message boxes and an import wizard that I had never seen before. I use ADW Launcher and AutoApp Organizer folders, and always launched Locus from there.

Files converted and now functioning.

It would be goof if in the Functions toolbox or somewhere there was a tool to manually call this convert wizard. I searched for this tool all over Locus and only found out how to solve it here in the support site.

Thanks a lot!


Hello Michael,

you`ll not believe me, but this problem was my nightmare for almost three months. Since release of 2.8.0 version, where were this conversion of databases, I wasn`t able to find out why it sometimes do not work on some devices (they as well as you do not get this offer)

before two days, my wife by accident started updated Locus from icon on desktop and not from list of apps and completely skipped startup screen with news etc. Then I realized that Android do not update this icon when something change in application. Before half an year I added this start screen you probably know, that appear after fresh install or update. And these old launchers still point to map screen.

So this is really fresh information that explain to me a lot! So sorry for troubles and glad that problems solved!


So that is why apps like Google Maps and Youtube delete my desktop-icon after an update. If that is the reason I am less annoyed now, haha.