Cycling around Europe & Asia with Locus

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Hi !

We are two, cycling around Europe and Asia. We already did 6070km (4720km by bike !)

If interested, you can see the GPS track here (if you zoom in a little bit) :

From the beginning, we are using Locus Pro with the MTB Europe map, wich includes bicycle maps !!

We use it only as a track recorder and for tracks planning. And sometimes for dashboard.

It's far away much better than the expensive Garmin Edge Touring device we tried !!

Thanks a lot for this application. We think about small improvements for our everyday use, but I will open a specific topic for that !

We will now go through Russia from Vyborg (West) to the Sakhaline Island (East), and then Japan from north to south. Not sure the maps are as accurate as the one for Europe... We're not even sure the track planning will work properly. If you have some tips, we take any advice !!!!

The Karoutcho Team,

Emilie & Romain

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Hi Romain,

thanks for you appreciation! We hope Locus Map will remain your reliable travel companion for the whole journey. For your Russian travels we can offer our offline vector Locus Maps. In some areas they probably won't be much detailed but as they are based on OSM, they're mapped by Russians for sure :) They are available in Locus Store directly in app and first three maps can be downloaded for free. If you wouldn't mind writing an article about your journey for our blog, we could offer Locus Maps of the whole Russia! Just let me know ;)

For now, enjoy your ride and be careful on Russian roads!


Much detail in the middle of Russian Siberia won't be necessary as I'm not sure there is so many roads there... :)

Nice offer of you !!

I can send you something you could use, and then, you'll ask some more if needed.

Do you have a email address so it can be done simplier ?


Yep, Send your Google play e-mail too so that we can refund your article directly to your LoCoin credit. And of course, we'll welcome any interesting material :) Good luck!