Dashboard is amazing!!!!

svartbjorn shared this thanks 5 years ago

I have been using Locus some quite some time now. But I didn`t catch the new feature of Dashboard until now (I knew about the Cusomt Screen, but that is quite different feature). Somebody showed me OruxMaps where there is a Dashboard feature, and I throught it was a pity Locus didn`t have that. Then I looked more carefully into the Locus "More" menu - and found a Dashboard that is far, far, far superior to OruxMaps or anything else I have seen! Locus - again - is the king of maps! Locus Dashboard is just amazing - customizable in every detail, extremely nice, flexible and useful!!! Woah!

Only great thing in OruxMaps over Locus is 3D Maps. But from other threads I understand this will come later at some point in time.

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Thanks svartbjorn. I`m glad you like it, cause I like it too :)

And 3D maps ... I still don`t think it`s too important, so I still rather invest time to other features, then to some 3D Google Earth style ... it`s nice, but mainly for a wow effect. Isn`t 100% offline database of points of interest for your country better http://forum.locusmap.eu/viewtopic.ph... ? ;)


POI database - how great!

I notice that POI database for my country, Norway, is missing. Would be great if you could create that database too.

3D maps look pretty impressive on different devices (OruxMaps, Garmin, ...) Give a good visualization of how the terrain actually is. Useful when planning a hiking/bike trip. Of course the elevation lines tell you, but still much better visualization with 3D. But I understand from earlier threads that 3D is complicated to implement. So sometime in far future ... (when there are no more features to implement ... hehe)


Norway in preparation, check topic later ...

I also suggest to enabled offline hillshading in Locus. Just in config file, change parameter to


be sure, you have elevation file for specific area (you may get them automatically for example by fill altitude to some point)

then you vector maps, because shaded. And it finally looks good in latest test version. So together with contour lines, I think it makes vector maps again usable little bit more (ah, btw. in this test version, vector maps are around another 30% faster ;) )