Estimated data usage for live tracking

SV Hovland shared this question 7 months ago


What is the estimated data usage for an active live tracking?

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this is a bit difficult to answer. It depends on your update frequency, number of people you are tracking and the variability of the data itself as compression is used. The data protocol we are using is best suited for smaller groups with a couple of people. Depending on the data you will be somewhere around 1.25 KB of data per update (upload and download combined) if there is just two of you in the group (i.e. following just one other person and sending updates of your position to the server). There is a small overhead if the group is empty and as more people join in the compression starts to kick in, so we have seen around 30 KB per request-response for approximately 200 randomized synthetic client data showing that the data usage does not scale exactly linearly with number of people.

Anyway I would recommend installing an application for monitoring network traffic (like GlassWire or similar app) and try it out for yourself with your specific use case to get more concrete results.

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