Different behaviour when importing as mapitem or into a category?!

Loiblinger shared this question 8 years ago


I want to show special caches with a special icon on the map.

So I have a gpx file (exported from OpenCaching.de) and then I added a special icon (with extensions tag and locus:icon tag) at the end of the waypoint.

When I import that gpx file as a mapItem it works. My caches are displayed with the new icon. Great!

BUT when I import the gpx file into a category the icon didn`t change? There are still the Geocaching.com icons displayed?

Why is there a different behaviour?

Or how can I modify or overwrite the groundspeak icon when importing in a category?

Thanx - and great app!

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Hello Loiblinger,

sorry for no response. Fact then on two places are different behaviours is of course issue. Should be same on both and by same I mean same as in normal import.

If you are still interested in this task, please share any sample file so I can check it.