Gear S3 - Using inside GPS instead of phone GPS

Akos Cs shared this question 9 months ago
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 smartwatch and a Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone. The Locus Free are installed on both devices. The connection between two devices is working well, I can see the map on watch. Both devices have built-in GPS,

If I would like to use the Track Recording on Gear, it uses the phone's GPS, not the Gear's GPS. Is there any possibility to use the Gear's GPS? I tried setup on phone, as a Bluetooth GPS, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance

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sorry for the delayed answer, your question did not appear in my notifications feed for some reason.

What you are asking is not possible at the moment. The watch companion app is only and extension of the Locus Map running on the phone.

We might add support for stand-alone track recording on the watch without a phone in the future. Using the watch as external GPS is something we probably will not implement, since the GPS accuracy tends to be very similar and the Samsung's watch battery life is still not that great when actively used.

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