Wear for Locus Map, Bluetooth connection during phone standby

joery vogelaers shared this question 7 months ago
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Hello, I just bought an OS watch, downloaded the wear for locus app; it does not function when my cell phone is in standby, and changing settings requires too much of one battery. Is it possible to keep a Bluetooth connection when a mobile phone is in standby?

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Hello Joery,

please check that you have battery optimization disabled for Locus Map and Wear for Locus Map on your phone if there are any battery optimization options on your phone.

Otherwise the add-on should be working even in standby (even though the connection might not always be ideal, we want to improve that in coming updates). However various system battery optimizations, if enabled, might randomly kill Locus Map and/or Wear for Locus Map app making the add-on behavior quite unpredictable in stand-by.

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