Is there a better one?

druki shared this thanks 7 years ago

...what a question: No!

Locus is the best app for Maps on Android because of the following features:

- offline maps and creating offline maps

- vector maps for free (

- great performance (with thousands of waypoints)

- perfect for geocaching (online+offline)

- great addons available

- a log of helpful tools, features

- highly adjustable and useful settings

- flexible GUI and possibility of using adapted dashboards

- powerful track recording, editing, viewing

- integrated shop for usefull maps/designs...

- very good support of different file formats

- fast, professional support by developer and helpful forums

- amazing development speed for bugfixing, new features and improvements

- great support for different languages, excellent German translations

These are only the features that my mind make me love it.

To describe what my heart feels is not possible with poor written words!

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^^ "excellent German translations"

Thanks! ;)