Keep hacking! Focus on map sources and usability.

myneur shared this thanks 4 years ago

Thank you for another amazing year. Your app is great and reliable and feature rich. So where do you see the future?

I think the next two topics will make a difference: maps and usability.


What is the most important on any map app? Obviously the maps.

Your strongest asset is your vector maps. No outdoor competitor can beat it! Pretty lucid styles of the maps getting closer to bitmaps every year. Now even with an offline POI search.

  • Focus to make them even more close to bitmaps by making them easy to read.
  • Make them a default choice for anybody who don't know which map to choose.

But what if the OSM vectors are not yet enough? What about Alpine routes, glaciers and peaks where the orientation is critical? People want to buy the maps for reasonable price, but why nobody sells? Make your other revenue stream from high-quality maps:

  • Make a deal with Kompass and Alpenverein summer/winter maps to resell them for a reasonable price. Ape@map sells all Alpes for < EUR20. No-brainer if it is easy to buy in an easy to use app!
  • Partner with Tabacco, IGN, Swisstopo and other major map creators.
  • Make Locus the ultimate Map Store for outdoor maps. There is not such a thing yet! Map providers don't have a great map reader to offer and they are scared to sell online because they are scared of piracy. But nobody will buy if nobody will sell...


It is unbelievable what Locus can do. But did you test it with unexperienced user? They struggle with basic jobs like choosing the right map, downloading for offline or search. You should focus to make the basics usable by anyone.

  • Usability will increase your customer base and engagement
  • Get inspiration from Amazingly easy vector maps! But they cover only one country. The rest is waiting for you.
  • Together with Map Store it will bring you a great revenue stream and allow you to invest more in further development.
  • And to us, it will bring finally an easy way to use outdoor maps offline anywhere.

Looking forward to 2015. Keep going!

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Hello myneur,

single January, I think is was in wednesday 7., we had small company meeting in Pardubice, where we whole day discuss what to do this idea.

I'll share with You and others our main results and priorities. Btw. you was there with us? Thanks to your post, I'm not 100% sure :).

Priorities for 2015

1. Usability, UI improvements of app itself - most important

2. Content of Locus Store (mainly new map sources) & improvements around Store (searching, updates, easy ways to find what you need)

3. extra functions which we would like to have. My personal "most wanted" for now:

So I'm glad we share similar ideas and I believe that this year brings again some interesting changes and progress in Locus and I hope that enthusiasm, which I see from many people around all stuff around Locus, will remain :).


Hi Menion, I was not there; we did not met in person. I just occasionally write my thoughts here.

Great we independently identified the best direction for Locus similarly. I would just encourage you to aim higher than just a Locus store. As I wrote, there is nothing as a mobile outdoor map store yet and you are in the best position to play this role. Open this market, which is still stuck in printed maps and learn users that (at least) for easy weekend trips, the online map is enough, if there is an easy way to buy and use.

Don't think just about adding new map sources but to rebuild the app around the Map store easy to find a great map from the best map creators (I mentioned some of them) and make those maps easy to use and buy. Provide your improved vector map as a base for those who don't want to pay (at last at start).



Live tracking on last position crying

Over 200 people have tested the testservice.

Over 30 people currently use it as an "long time test".

I really hoped i can close my testservice after 2 years.

but anyway - you are the boss quiet


Hello gynta,

I think that suprise is that "Live tracking" is even between three "most wanted". 200 people from more then 1 mil. installations isn't much...

And you may close your test service whenever you'll want. I believe you know it.


"Offline address - still not 100% sure?"

But 55 votes?

When I first started using Locus I was totally confused how to do an offline address search. I thought it must surely be possible, this app does everything, so many features, until I did enough forum searching to realize it was not yet implemented. All the main GPS apps have this feature. It is very difficult while cycle touring to plan each days route trying to find your next destination just panning and zooming until you recognize the name.

And maybe most common use-case - type partial address (offline) > Navigate To.


Hmm understand. Not so easy task to do for a small team :).