Live Tracking - Bravo! (and some fun)

Bob Denny shared this thanks 4 years ago

Thank you for the Live Tracking feature. It works exactly as documented. I wrote a little server back-end in Javascript (Microsoft Active Server Pages Classic) that collects and keeps the last 2 hours of points, and also produces a dynamic KML file with the track and a helicopter icon at the front of the track. Then I wrote a KML with a Network Link to the KML with the track from the last two hours.

To test it I used Locus' KML network link capability! So I drove around with Live tracking on, and with my path being updated every 10 seconds on one tablet via Locus -> Live Tracking -> WebServer -> My Script -> Output KML -> User KML with Network Link -> Locus Map.

We will be using this from our helicopters to give our radio dispatchers and ground units the ability to flight-follow. It only took me 8 hours to learn enough KML and get this completed.

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Such professional usage of Locus - I'm amazed! Thanks for sharing and wish you many successful flights with Locus on board :).