Locus is the best GPS app I have ever had. And the support for new features is beautiful!

Nicolai shared this thanks 4 years ago

I have to give you a very big praise!

Locus is really the best app for geocaching, hiking, tracking etc. It's the best app for all outdoor activities. I like that you can use Locus completely offline. You don't need any internet connection to use locus. That is really great.

And all the addons you can use for locus are really really great. For example argued reality. I haven't known that is possible to make such an argued reality addon.

And the support for locus is really great. It is so cool that you respond to every customer requests.

It is really shame that your app isn't the famoust GPS app. The app is it worth to be an very famous app!

At the moment I use the free locus version but at any rate I will buy Locus pro.

I hope that this app will be developed a very long time.

Overall I will give you an very big thanks for your very great work and for this beatiful support.

Your Locus-fan


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Hello Nicolai.

We are very pleased of your satisfaction with Locus app. Satisfied users are the most important for us and also you are the main reason why we enjoy the work!

Have a nice time with Locus app!