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Thomas Schäfer shared this question 43 days ago
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Using Locus Map together with Locus Wear (on a Sony SWR50)

That works fine !

BUT in the last weeks, after finishing a track-recording and finishing the app on the watch AND on the phone (by several hits on "back" - so that even the service icon disappears!), Locus seems to restart independently after a while (!) and the "L" icon appears again...

First i thought it depends on the sequence (closing the app on phone and then on the watch), but it happens even the other turn round.

Locus is nice, but i don't like it running all the time.

What can i do to prevent this sort of "autostart"?



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sorry, I don't know what could be the cause of this behaviour yet, I will have to investigate more.

Please make sure you end the application on the watch first, otherwise Locus Map service will start for sure. When the watch application is ended, the Locus Map watch service should be terminated automatically within a minute or so.

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Milan Cejnar