Locus Map Gear S3 Display wake up during Navigation

Peter Dresen shared this question 3 months ago
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Hello first of all good work and very stable app-

So i use this watch during mtb biking in the past i was very happy about the display wake up at navigation points to get a signal and have less battery.

Now with the gear s3 i didnt find any possibility to wake up the display at navigation points.

Always on brings me to time display and in prefences on locus map i configured the wake up function and in gear plugin i also configured wake up display by messages.

Thats wy it is not practicle and dangerous during biking to push the watch button to see the map.

Greets Peter

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Hello Peter,

thanks for the improvement tip, this is really not supported at the moment unfortunately.

You could turn on always-on display option in the system settings but that would lead to relatively significant battery drain, so this solution is probably also not ideal.

Best regards