Locus Pro installation failed : Wrong error message relative to disk space

Jean-Pierre PELUTTIERO shared this problem 7 years ago
Not a Problem

Hello Locus team

After a couple of day testing free Locus version, I decided to buy Locus Pro version.

Unfortunately, application could not be installed from Google play, responding not enough space, although there are both on sdcard and phone memory.

I tried to install other bigger application with success

I also uninstall and reinstall Locus Free without any issue

Any help will be very welcome

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jean-Pierre,

I found your topic here, on the Get satisfaction, but I think we solved the problem via e-mail, isn`t it true?

Is the problem with phone memory in order now?


... I have the same problem... Could you advice me what`s the solution? Thanks.


Hello Martin,

I was searching quite a lot but wasn`t able to find any relevant information. I may really only suggest clear cache (phone, Google Play app), restart, re-install of Locus.

It unfortunately have nothing to do with app itself. It`s some installation problem that happen for unknown reason. If anyone will have experience how to solve it, I`ll be also glad, because of possible help to people with same problem


Hello Kato,

I`m really sorry for such problems, but there is quite simple separations of responsibility

- you tap on application icon, widget, notification - since that, all problems are in applications (and rarely in Android itself)

- all other problems (installing, Google Play) are in hands of Google

so I really would like to help, but if Google Play reports some problems with install, I really have no way to help you. Sorry ...

As I wrote above, usually helps clearing cache, restart device. Also sometimes helps install of new version of Google Play application from here for example