Magene mover heart rate chest sensor

Augustin Skoupý shared this question 7 months ago


I like to be sure the Magene mover is/isn't supported in Locus. It is in your list of unsupported bluetooth 4.0 devices. While I am able to connect it with Locus free in bluetooth manager. But if I try select hardware device inTrack recording there is Locus free limitation. I like to be sure it can be used after upgrading to PRO. Do you have any experience with this sensor?



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I was too curious, I paid for PRO, I tested the Magene for 15 minutes, and everything works, Track recordings with heart rate OK, dashboard heart rate OK

Still , why it is in unsupported devices?


Hello Augustin,

thank you for letting us know the sensor is working. Sensor should be usable for evaluation purposes even in the Free version but there should be a time limit of approximately first 10 minutes.

We have had some reports that this particular sensor is not working correctly, although formally, given the specification, it should work fine.

Best regards