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Not nice changes, need to press not more buttons than before just for Locus own advertise

Dave shared this question 10 years ago

I`m really disappointed with the last update and the changes.

I bought and paid for the app because it was not full of stupid stuff.

Now I have a big option bar with "locus world & do you like us"

I don`t like it and will not use this app anymore until you change it back. I also will Not recommend you anymore!

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"...need to press not more buttons than before..."

can you give us an example, please?


Hello Dave,

I`m also interested where you need to press more buttons ...

All changes lead to better usability and are long discussed. Anyway I`m sure that not all people like all changes. That`s how it usually works :). Panel that was at top, with links to various social sites, was on request of many users moved to most bottom part of new main menu and I really don`t see a problem with this now as well as all who was firstly disappointed. Btw. are you using latest 2.9.2 version?

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