Problems: Presets & NAVIGATION

Waldemar Wawoczny shared this problem 6 days ago
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Problem 1: Presets

I do:

1) cycling, where in Locus, in the options: Settings> Navigation> "Off-Route" notification, I have a DISTANCE OF WARNINGS 75 m,

2) when I go hiking in the lowland and in the mountains, I must necessarily change in the options: Settings> Navigation> Notification "Off the route" I have a DISTANCE of the WARNING 30 m, considering the effects of a route error.

There is no warning in Presets, however there is NAVIGATION> Recalculation.

I do not understand the users that they did not pay attention to this important fact. I do not understand your team's attitude that I do not want to introduce this option - "Off-route" notification to Presets, which in my opinion is much more important than Recalculating the route!

Problem 2: Navigation

When I use shortcuts on the route when navigating, what I can call a sensation in navigation, ie with total persistence, navigation starts sending intrusive messages that it calculates a route that is, for example, at 6:75 m ... etc, wanting to guide me back to the last abandoned route point in the navigation.

The situation does not improve when I again take a shortcut on the right navigation route, because there are:

1) still messages about conversion and return to the last point of the route OR

2) a change of route that leads me in the opposite direction towards the abandoned last point of the route (!?).

What am I doing? - stop, close navigation and start it again!

The following actions are taken in all decent navigations:

1) if I use a shortcut - this is the moment after the route is recalculated, a combination of this shortcut appears with the route marked in the navigation,

2) after entering the appropriate designated route of navigation with a shortcut, a proper follow-up according to the designated route takes place.

I believe that the Locus solution is unacceptable in the long run, I do not see any justified reasons for sticking to this solution.