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Send Coords via URL negative values (western or southern) are not accepted

nIgel shared this problem 10 years ago


stumbled over this during my fight with sending to the Coords given by an GPS-Locator via SMS:

If I`m trying to start Locus with an URL like.

Locus is showing the point at:

It will not accept values at the southern or western part of the world

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are you sure Locus also corrupt longitude value? Seems it takes correctly value -6 anyway in latitude is ignored negative value. I wasn`t able to simply fix this stupidity so I had to rewrite part of parsing code (there is so much possibilities for this Google url, terrible). Should be fixed, let me know in next version if there will be still problem


Thanks for pickings this up!

[Quote]are you sure Locus also corrupt longitude value?[/Quote]

In my testings: yes but .... even googlemaps had problems sometimes ....

I will do some more testings with the new version and report dutifully.


New version solved it completely.

Very good - all tests are passed without failure.

Thanks for the quick fix!


perfect! thanks for confimation

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