Size of street names on local maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Tomasz Bialas shared this question 5 days ago
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Currently I'm using free version of your app but I am considering buying Pro version but the reason I iam nterested in your application is using map view on my Samsung Galaxy Watch. I tried to use LoMap for Poland and also the Openptmap, but in each case I have the problem with street names size on the screen of Samsung Galaxy Watch. Regardless of the map used the size of the street names is too small to be easy to read. I tried to use options to magnify in Advanced Settings, but these options work only for other texts than streetnames.

I know that for online maps that is completely impossible but as far as I know in case of local maps, during the creation of them (eg. compilation from OpenStreetMap databases) there are some possibilities to define styles. Is it possible to change the style for the maps in your application? I understand that probably you don't have much time so perhaps you can make some hints how to make it and I am willing to try to make changes on the map on my own… -


Tomasz Bialas

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Hello Tomasz,

have you also tried changed the "text size" option in Settings > maps > offline maps? That should enlarge the font size even for the street names when using LoMaps.

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