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SMS Coordinate format in share mapcenter, accepting other than decimal format?

nIgel shared this question 10 years ago


as in

explained, Locus can be called from another program to show a position that is sent via sms. As I understood this, coords in sms must be formated as url like this:

I would like to use this feature to automatically show the requested position of my handicaped son which is sent to me from his LOCATOR by sms in this format:


The coords in the above sms are N52°51.3901 E12°01.1397

With the help of Tasker I could "translate" the sms and send as an URL to Locus but have problems to transfer it from DDD MM.MMM format to Decimal format.

There could be a way to save the coords first as GPX and open it later in Locus but this is taking to much time, since at this time I have already started to desperately searching him ....

Any help would be welcome.

PS: I need it as an offline option, since roaming in foreign holiday countries is quite costly.

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I used the decimal format as in the example and it worked.

Topic can be closed.


ah sorry nIgel, I forget to answer. Anyway working solution from another topic solved this question right? In case of remaining (or others) troubles, let me know

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