stand alone app for galaxy watch

joel vaillant shared this question 9 months ago
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do you plan to develop a stand alone app for galaxy watch using internal gps and pressure sensors. The benefit would be fantastic for ski touring, trekking, mtb, to get distance, elevation and track, especially when you dont carry your telephone with you

predently, this is available with run4gear, v

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we are not sure yet, to be honest. We will probably improve current companion application some more and then we will see. I can imagine a stand-alone track recording and maybe blank map with exported track. Caching offline maps to the watch and displaying them correctly could be very challenging.

What use-cases/functions would you like to see? What would be the primary one for you?

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Milan Cejnar


thanks for your answer

I think the main point would be to get at anytime the distance, altitude and elevation (+ and -). This is probably very easy to develop based on internal gps and altimeter sensors. There is presently only one app providing this, called "run4gear unleashed", but which is not accurate and too complicated in my opinion

the other important point would be to register the track (based on the internal gps sensor), and then be able to tranfer it to the phone

the main interests for stand alonne app is : you dont need to carry the phone with you, and you dont need telecom network

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