Thanks to all supporters!

berkley shared this thanks 7 years ago

Hi everybody,

There was enough praise in last days for the Application and the Inventor and Developer itself. This time, I want to give some "praise" for the supporters. This really may sound weird. But this community is an example for how communties should work!

There are bug reports, endless discussions about the smallest details in the app. There are improvements and workarounds for every little aspect. There are people, willing to help each other with their knowledge. And above all, there is NO jealousy between each other, because everybody has its own skills.

I am really proud to contribute a little bit for this great story happening just right now, because I never experienced something like this. People from all over the world are working together - in a peaceful and inspiring way - to improve something, that nobody really needs. This should really be an example for the politicians of every country.

Thanks everybody for creating, supporting and being part of this community!!!

Cheers, berkley

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No other developer accepts or even solicits so much input from the users. With many other developers it is "my way or the highway".

Menion should be commended.


Yes, it really makes a lot of fun to participate in this project with Menion and you, the community.


fully agree with all sayings. It`s really impressive how this community and the developer(s) communicates and cooperates pushing this app to best in class.

I declare: I`m addicted participating - but I like to be :-)

And using Locus, finding out details, trying new settings is really exciting.

Good luck for further top-features...