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sl91 shared this thanks 3 years ago

Well, this is not new but I would like to express my happiness using this app. I have intensively used it for one month and for hiking/biking on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Lollipop 5.0.1 stock). I have several (5) ant+ sensors from Garmin. Here are the reasons that are making me so satisfied:

1- This app is so stable and "smooth"

2- Its ergonomy is fantastic. The developpers have made a great job ! The graphic interface is up to date.

3- The ant+ sensors very easily connect to the app. All the collected data is included in the exported GPX or the CSV file.

4- The battery's drain is very low. Of course the Note 4 hase a huge 3220mAH capacity battery. After 5 hours of hiking today, using the smartphone GPS, HR, temperature and Pod ant+ sensors, the battery only went from 95% to 76%. This is fantastic ! It is achieved by disabling the cellular, wifi and Bluetooth.

5- Tracks and POI management is incredibly easy comparing to other apps.

6- The language translation (french in my case) is just perfect.

7- Definitely, Garmin has lost the Android software battle. This is a so big strategic (and dramatic) mistake

Bravo with a very big "B".

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Hello sl91.

Thank you, we are really happy for your satisfaction with Locus app. This is directly the reason of our work!