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Karoutcho shared this thanks 3 years ago

I was really more than happy with Locus for now.

Then, you made me discover the "Vector maps".

!!! A revelation !!!

Before, I spent big time in downloading the maps almost everyday, that followed the tracks we planned to go.

And deleting the maps that were not used anymore to save some megabytes.

Now ?

The map of the entire country is already downloaded, for fewer disk space. And... much more precise !!

How come I didn't know about that before !

It's much easier to use, more complete, lighter, and what's more : you

have loads of point of interest already included with the maps !!! It changes our everyday travel life, really.

Thanks for the app, and for those incredible vector maps.


Emilie & Romain

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Thanks for the links.

Actually, I have very few time to try to many different maps and functionnality, unfortunetly, because I can miss some great things like vector maps that would change our evevryday life such !!

But for now, I'm more than happy with the Locus vector Maps. I don't know how it works, but if it can help the Locus team, it is worth it ! I can just imagine how many (personnal) time Menion and his mates spend on this app.

Just see : Less than 1€ for the maps that help us to cross Russia from west (Vyborg) to east (Sakhaline), it's... just a ridiculous price !!

Thanks guys !


Hello Romain,

Thank you! I'm glad that you're satisfied with Locus vector maps. But honestly vector maps in Locus could be much more better. There are still some weakness that we need to solve. We're planning some improvements so I hope that vector will be really better :)