Version 2.1.0 Bug - ERROR message for Locus Shop

Starman shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

ERROR message when attempting to enter Locus Shop:

"Unexpected problem! Please contact me with description of your problem."

Was intermittent problem, now 100%

Locked out of server for too many attempts?

Licensing issue?

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Starman, sorry, seems you really suffer with Locus Shop

Did this happen for your everytime, even after restart of Locus? It happen to me also once today. I did some small fix, but I`m not sure if this helps. I`ll release second version with bugfixes in friday, so check next time if this helps


In the past, restarting Locus numerous times seemed to make the problem worse. Got worse with ver 2.1.0, now better since reverting to ver 2.0.2.

In the past, exiting Locus for an extended period, and then returning, seemed to solve problem for a while. So maybe when you exit shop, it takes a while for it to log you out. So if you try to log in again, while already logged in, there is conflict.



D/L and installed test V2.1.0.3.

At first attempt to enter shop through Functions, received same error as described in my initial post. However I was able to enter shop through Map Manager.

Restarted Locus, then the opposite, I could enter Shop through Functions, but get the info page in Map Manager.

When I am able to enter Shop through Functions, my balance remaining (presently 29.85 GB), is always displayed, not missing like sometimes before.

Problem is intermittent.

Seems odd that no one else reports a similar problem.

Has anyone else purchased 30GB?

Could it be a problem with that one line item?


nono it`s not a problem of purchased items (few people already have this 30GB pack). May you please record me a log? Just try to do this action, and after it fail, start CatLog and save me log. There have to be some clue, why this happen ... thank you