Watch-phone pairing

Mike Shere shared this question 9 months ago
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I have a xperia phone with Android 8 and a new Ticwatch pro. I have Locus pro and downloaded Locus for wear. It worked fine to start with but then came up with a message saying "Phone and Watch not paired. Please Pair them and try again" It eventually worked again but then stopped again and now I only ever get that message. All other phone to watch bluetooth connections work fine. Can no longer use it on my watch.

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I am sorry to hear that, I am unfortunately not sure what could be causing this kind of issue.

I would probably first try to check the phone if there are any battery optimization turned on for Locus Map, Wear for Locus Map (i.e. Locus Map Watch) or Wear OS application itself and disabled them if it is so.

Then I would probably try to clear Wear OS application data&cache and maybe even other Google apps, mainly Google Play Services and restarting the phone and the watch after that.

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