Wear OS HR measuring drains battery

Michele Galimberti shared this problem 3 months ago
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I tried to record a track with my WearOS watch connected and the HR option enabled, but in 2 hours the watch had lost 65% of the battery.

From the time it takes to update the HR in the app, it seems that the value is polled ~5sec (or is it polled for every point registered?).

It'd be good if it was possible to reduce the time between measurements, as currently the batteries of the watches are far from good enough

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that is a significant battery drain and I would suspect that battery of your watch might also not be in the best shape, but yes the add-on can be quite harsh on battery. HRM value is already sampled and sent only once every couple of seconds, I would suspect the display would be the major battery consumer if you use your watch with always-on screen.

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I also spotted a battery drain today, when after enabling the HR on Locus for Wear OS on my TicWatch S.