Whats great on Locus.

Joachim Buhl shared this thanks 5 years ago

Hello Locus

I use Locus mainly for Mountainbiking to guide a group of friends wherever we go:

- Its great to import GPX files very easily

- Its great to use Vector maps (openandromaps with mtb theme)

- Its great, that locus supports hillshading

- Its great, that there is voice guiding along a track

In addition to that this forum is great with its structure and possibility to be part of the development.

And last but not least the support and response from Locus (special thanks to Menion) and the will to make their product better is the best.


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Joachim thanks, very nice from you. I`m always glad if I see that someone want to be active and report some problems, comment ideas etc. Seems you`re part of nice bunch of active people :). Anyway enjoy Locus and nice weather


Locus helped us NOT getting lost during the last two years when we finished the GR5 (North Sea to Meditterean Sea aka Maastricht-NICE) by foot. Along marked trails but still the guiding feature was excellent. And now with a new accu I again get about 10 hours of guiding a day. 110 days in five years.

Time for a new track!!!