Ability to record sensors

Giacomo Ciani shared this idea 4 years ago
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Ok, this may be a little too tech-oriented for most of the users, but I think it would make Locus very powerful.

The idea is to have a dialog that allows the user to select a number of additional data to be recorded with each point of a track.

Here are a few ideas of what could be added:

- raw GPS altitude (independent of the "corrected" value obtained according to the settings in the "altitude manager" )

- Pressure sensor reading (in mbar)

- compass (why not all 3 magnetic field components)

- accelerometer

But I would keep the module flexible, so more things can be added in time... :-)

Anyone interested?


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I am currently looking into ways of making MTB videos with overlay using DashWare

Having the ability to record compass and accelerometer data would be great

Accelerometer would allow to get track inclinaison

Also I am planning to purchase a speed and cadence bluetooth sensor and would love to add it in the recordings.



Would be brilliant, especially in combination with e.g. powerdata from powermeter via ANT+ and other data from arbitrary BT sensors...