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Announcement: Version 3.42 ( 5. 12. 2019+ ) 2019-12-05


What watch would you recommend ?

In Progress laforest Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 2 Reply 7 hours ago by Brendan J.
2 votes

Application language will not change

Need Answer Yaroslav N. 22 hours ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

Altitude gain correction

Answered Andrea Locus Map Comments: 12 Reply 33 hours ago by PawelS
2 votes

Keine Installation möglich

Need Answer Josef M. 41 hours ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote


Average coordinates of POIs in folder

Collecting votes PawelS Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 5 minutes ago by Menion
1 vote

Autostart Recording on Start of Navigation/Guidance

Collecting votes Ulrich K. Locus Map Comments: 16 Reply 16 hours ago by freischneider
14 votes

Showing altitude gained after route tapping

Collecting votes PawelS 21 hours ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

Customizing track list view

Collecting votes ivo N. 2 days ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

Beaufort scale for wind and warning flags

Collecting votes Данил А. 2 days ago Locus Map No Comments
2 votes

GPS faster location update using interpolation

Collecting votes Mike B. Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by Mike B.
10 votes


The app doesn't close properly since the 3.40.0

Solved Stefano Locus Map Comments: 36 Reply 3 hours ago by franc
5 votes

Fieldnote saved Time

Not processed M.K. 15 hours ago add-on Field Notes No Comments
1 vote

"Hold map center" not working permanent

Solved sonny Locus Map Comments: 17 Reply 6 days ago by Michael
7 votes

Problem with opening od local map

In Progress Gabriel P. Locus Map Comments: 25 Reply 6 days ago by MartinV
5 votes