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Locus Pro on Huawei P40

Answered Thierry V. Locus Map Comments: 8 Reply 18 hours ago by Thierry V.
1 vote

[CZ] Nefunguje namapovaný Screen on, jen off

Answered Peťa Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 21 hours ago by Peťa
1 vote

Added Points on a map

Answered Svjetlana Locus Map Comments: 12 Reply 22 hours ago by Svjetlana
1 vote

Locus Pro with Google Android Auto?

Answered Bernd A. Locus Map Comments: 25 Reply 22 hours ago by Mario O.
13 votes


Height average on planned course

Planned Matteo M. Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 7 hours ago by Matteo M.
2 votes

Option to increase font size in augmented reality

Collecting votes Diego A. add-on Augmented reality Comments: 4 Reply 25 hours ago by Mic T.
9 votes

[CZ] Malý nápad na vylepšení stylů trasy

Completed Pavel F. Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 45 hours ago by Pavel F.
1 vote

Incorporate LoPoints into Search, and search by more metadata

Collecting votes Andrew H. Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by Andrew H.
9 votes

Pace runner with custom speed

Collecting votes Lauri P. 3 days ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote