Altitude manager: remove "Set" button

sonny shared this idea 1 year ago

Already a couple of times I stubmled about ther following GUI-anomaly:

Almost every setting within Locus is changed by altering the belonging checkbox/radiobutton/switch and its DONE.

But not so in Altitude manager: Users have do extra click onto "SET"-Button to get their changes active. Compared to the usual behaviour of Locus settings this is unusual and make people forget to click the "SET"-button afterwards too.

Please make the changes within altitude manager already take effect in the moment a switch etc. is changed.

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+1. For consistency use Discard like other dialogs.


Good day sonny,

thanks for an "idea" ( I've changed it from "issue" ). Absolutely agree that current old system is weird and inconsistent. Even I few times forget to tap on this top "set" button, funny.

It is not unusual to have confirmation button in Locus Map, but definitely this "top" button is unusual. I'll keep this in mind and try to do something with it ... thanks


Hello guys,

because some tasks in this screen takes some time and whole setting is quite complex, I think that "set" button make sense here ... it just allows to "cancel" unwanted changes.

Anyway absolutely agree, that "set" button at top of screen is quite "lost" and may be easily forget to tap. So I've at least changed this confirmation button to usually used circle floating button at bottom, which should help here. Thanks for bug/idea.